stepper issue

hi everyone !
i"m learing how control a stepper motor, and i have a problem in the main loop. when pinValue == HIGH, i would like to have the motor spins counter clockwise in a while and then completely stop at a distance, but my code doesn’t work. here is it.

   void loop(){

  potValue = digitalRead(potPin);     // read the value of the potentiometer
   if  (potValue == HIGH)  
       motorSpeed=(1000);   // if potentiometer reads 0 to 535 do this
   if ( potValue ==LOW)

everyone who expert about arduino please help me out. i very appreciate that. thanks everyone.

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Post all of your code. That snippet is meangingless on its own.


Better still reread the sticky threads about how to post here and follow the guidelines, then you'll likely get a complete and timely answer rather than a question and answer session. The more information you provide the more efficiently we can help.


if (potValue == HIGH)

FirstGuess: You need something like if (potValue < 535)

But ShowUsTheCode!