Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 and UN2003 ic driver module

i have tried the basic code of direct but instead the Motor is only moving cloackwise Not Anticlock wise

I have made the connections same as in the code

So try switching wires.

Ive Direct Uploaded the code of Simple Stepper Movement In Clockwise And Anti-clockwise Direction. Id downloaded it from Official Site :

My Problemis that the motor keeps on revolving in clockwise direction after every delay…No Counter Clockwise Movement is seen

All the connections are Same are Defined in the Program…
Need Ur Help …!!!

Stepper_basic.ino (994 Bytes)

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Swap a pair of wires over at the input to the 2003, I have used that circuit and it will only turn in one direction if you do not have the wiring phased correctly.

Swapping the wires and trying each combination will not damage the 2003, the controller of the stepper.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Nothing is Happening tom The motor Keeps on Moving in one direction .... i've tried all the combination of input wires swapping

Find a different code. That one gave me problems as well. And it's not very clear about how to define the parameters. Doesn't mention if it's running in 8 step or 4 step mode.
There are good videos and codes that run the 4 coil signals from the control module into 4 Arduino pins so you can see it without the library hiding how it works.