Stepper Motor 42HS401704A001

Dear All
can some one guide me regarding the driver board to use

  1. Please see the attachment
    can i use the baord Drive Test Module Board ULN2003 with this motor

  2. can i make my own board ?

  3. or may be if you can please send me the link for the driver board to be used with this motor

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There are hundreds of different motors that look like that. You need to post a link to the datasheet for the motor.

My guess is that the ULN2003 is NOT suitable and that you will need something like a Pololu DRV8825. But don’t go and buy one without making sure it is suitable for your motor.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

thanks for the reply Here is the link of the motor

is there any guide to check the special instructions on selecting the drier board

A Pololu DRV8825 will be able to drive your stepper motor which comes with max. current of 1.7A per coil.

My recommendation:
DRV8825 and a power supply with 24V … 36V at 2A (DRV8825 supports up to 1.5A w/o cooling and up to 2.2A with heatsink and active cooling/air flow).

You need to limit the current flow of the driver by using the trim potentiometer.
I wrote a little instruction on DRV8825 / A4988 stepper drivers how to adjust the current.
See this link.