Stepper Motor Control using AutoDriver and Arduino UNO

Hi there,

I was hoping to find someone who has experience working with the AutoDriver library! I've gone through the Sparkfun tutorial/setup and do have my motor hooked up and working. I am now trying to figure out if I can solve an issue of the motor sliding/skipping when driving it at higher speeds. My goal is to find the highest speed I can drive it at without problems, squeezing out as much as I possibly can.

Specifically, I'm looking to figure out how to modify the Current sent to the motor. I have found dSPIN_OCD_TH, dSPIN_STALL_TH , but being rather new to Arduino, and hardware in general i'm not sure if either of these serve my purpose. Any help is appreciated!

I've seen the skipping issue eliminated by increasing the current by increasing the operating voltage of the motor. I've been told that the skipping only occurs if you current is too low.

You need to give us links to the specifications for the motor and the stepper motor driver board you are using.