Stepper motor control using grbl

Hello everybody,

Can I run a 2V stepper motor using the grbl shield.

There's no such animal(*), steppers are current-rated, not voltage rated. What's the current rating and what chopper driver chip is on the GRBL shield?

Its a very good idea to tell us the details (the motor model, part number datasheet, the exact GRBL shield etc etc), as we will always ask for them to be able to answer a question properly.

(*) taking a bit of a liberty, I think you have a low impedance motor and erroneously expect the voltage rating to be meaningful. (The winding insulation breakdown voltage is a meaningful parameter however).

The important question is whether your stepper driver board can supply the current required by the motor. I think the GRBL shield uses A4988 drivers which, in theory, can provide up to 2 amps but maybe a lot less in practice unless they have heatsinks and cooling fans.

Post a link to the datasheet for the motor you are asking about.

It is quite normal to drive a nominally 2v stepper with 20v or 30v - as long as a current limiting stepper driver is used (such as the A4988).

...R Stepper Motor Basics

You ate correct I'm using A4988 drivers. But my stepper motor is 4 Amp.

Thank you !

Menuka: You ate correct I'm using A4988 drivers. But my stepper motor is 4 Amp.

Then you need a much more powerful (and more expensive) driver which will not plug into the GRBL shield.

Or a different motor.


There is no single-chip solution for 4A, you have to progress to discrete MOSFET designs, such as a Geckodrive.

Why such a big motor? Is this a CNC milling machine or something?

You're correct I am going to make a CNC machine.