Stepper motor control, very well paid, base in london.

I need people help me with the stepper motor control.

I am making a analog clock, and the second hand is controlled by stepper.
And the stepper is controlled by the incomingByte from xbee, Let say if the stepper receiving 1, the second goes to 1 o’clock position than stop; if the stepper receiving 6, the second goes to 6 o’clock position than stop, etc. Now the problem is the stepper won’t stop.

I need someone to help, and the person have to base in London.
If you interested in this, we can discuss the payment.

Hi xhc,

Are you controlling the other hands with stepper motors also?

I had a quick look at the clock on your home page (derived from your email address). It looks interesting. You could consider using a logarithmic scale to represent energy consumption so you don't need to spin the second hand, but could still accommodate a large range and even small amounts would be visible. Interesting would also be to do something similar for blood pressure!