stepper motor controllers

there are some cool stepper motor controllers on ebay for the Arduino.

thanks dave

there are some cool infrared sensors on ebay for Arduino. break sensor, reflective sensors, and a really cool hole sensor.

there are some small 2 digit and 3 digit daisy chainable displays using data, clock, latch functions on ebay.

What a surprise that all three of your posts are links to eBay. Bad boy!

No specs or datasheets that I can see - not a good sign.

very simple to use. the 4 pin connnector is for +12volt, step(put a ground pulse to it to step the motor once), diriection(put a ground to it to reverse the diirection of the motor, you dont need to use it unless you are reversing the motor), enable(not used) the six pin connector is for a+a_b+b- to the motor, +12volts, ground: the boards are marked for connections. tech stuff:The EconoStepper Driver was designed for use with high performance, low inductance motors and provides up to 400 steps per revolution with a 1.8 degree motor or 800 steps per revolution with a .9 degree motor. The output current is fixed at 1.2 Amp per phase. Full or half step operation can be achieved by cutting a jumper on the board which is clearly marked(it can be reset to full step again if you wish by soldering the connection back together) System efficiency and high-speed performance can now be improved through the use of low inductance stepper motors in conjunction with either the EconoStepper Driver. Older drivers that require higher chopping rates often cause the motors to operate at a higher temperature. Both of these Stepper Drivers employ circuits that minimize ripple current, yet maintain a 20 kHz chopping rate, thereby reducing or eliminating the problem. these have been implimented in 13 different machines in production for the last 8 years. if you have any questions feel free to call me at 561-702-0850 manual(it is the econo stepper)

is that wrong. i was trying to give the Arduino guys a good break on stuff we make for other production products because i like the Arduino system. didnt mean to offend anyone.

and they are proudly made in the USA

dragond: is that wrong

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