Stepper Motor, driver, arduino connection

So I'm working on a linear translation track and am going to use an arduino to control the stepper. Between the stepper motor and the arduino I am using a DV8834 driver from pololu. I've found a lot of schematics describing how to connect the stepper to the driver, but nothing to connect the driver to the arduino. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions, maybe some other forums or tutorials that could help me. I'm new to this kind of thing and am really interested in learning as much as I can. Thanks!


That chip has various modes, either the breakout selects the mode for you and its documentation
should say how to connect, or if it just breaks all the signals out you'll need to choose a mode
(indexing plus a particular microstepping option), hard wire the relevant mode lines, and drive
step and direction from two Arduino pins.

Remember to common the grounds, and possibly adding some ~4k7 resistors in series with the
step/dir signals as protection should the DRV8834 fail (its a wise precaution whenever routing signals
off the Arduino to a higher voltage device - a small loss in speed but much more robust should the
worst happen).