Stepper motor Driver overheating

I'm currently using this stepper motor
Soyo SY42STH47-1684MB RepRap Stepper Motor
• Voltage: 2.8vdc
• Resolution of 1.8 degrees/step
• Torque: Holding 4.4 (Kg-cm)/ Detent 250 (g-cm)
• Current: 1.68A
• Precision of ±5%
My driver is constantly overheating could someone suggest Driver I could buy or make which would fix this problem thank you very much in advance :relaxed:

My driver is constantly overheating

What voltage and current are you feeding it?
What driver is it?

I’m using a L293D IC and I supply 8v to the motor is it will not turn with any torque with a lower voltage.

I'm using a L293D IC

Use a proper stepper driver.