Stepper motor driver power LED not switching on

I have to run a 12V stepper motor.

Power is first supplied to the driver. Driver connects motor and UNO R3 controller.

I have done all the required wiring as per the tutorial of youtube. All the components are same as the mentioned in tutorial here. How to Control Stepper motor with Arduino - YouTube

But, the motor did not run after running the code.

One possible issue I have seen is that the driver green LED does not switch on. Can it be the reason for motor not working. If yes, what can be the solution? Is my driver dead?

Post a schematic of the wiring. Hand draw a diagram, photograph and post it.

Post a photo of your wiring.

Post the exact code that you used for testing.

Read the forum guidelines. Post your test code in code tags. Use the IDE autoformat tool (ctrl-t or Tools, Auto Format) to indent the code for readability before posting code.

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