Stepper Motor Driver

I am doing alot of work right now on a version of Firmata that drives up to 6 simultaneous stepper motors using EasyDriver boards and have refined the stepper code quite a bit to get rid of the delays for the fastest response possible. Much of this code could also be applied to the current stepper library. I want to see if this library (for just easyDrivers) would be widely useful even beyond Firmata or what are the control schemes out there I need to account for. So, how is everyone driving their stepper motors, are there essential ways you need to control the stepper beyond #of steps and speed? Are there boards or configurations out there that are being widely used that I didnt mention?
Many thanks, trying to make sure my contributions back to the community are as useful to as many as possible.

You can share the direction pin between all the controllers if you step them at different times, leading to N+1 pins for N motors.

Anyone that wants to try the StepperDriver Library (works with EasyDriver, Big Easy Driver, and Pololu Stepper drivers, plus any others that use STEP and DIR pins) can download it here and read documentation with an example:

I would like to see what you have done with your project to control 6 stepper motors. I am looking to combine a graphical user interface (made with Adobe flash and possibly as3glue) and an arduino board, that when clicked starts a series of events. The picture (button in flash) would send some information to one of the steppers such as it's first destination point and how long it might wait till moving to it's second. It would also tell another stepper how long to turn in seconds. A different picture when clicked would make the steppers perform similar motions but with different values -move to a different location and wait different times.

Did your project accomplish any of this? jbc