Stepper motor driving

I need to drive two stepper motor at different speed. I use an external driver, so I only have to supply CLOCK and DIRECTION. Can I use Timer2 and Timer3, or Timer1 and Timer2, to do that ? I don't need pwm.

thanks in advance.


Yes, but you'll have to drive the timers yourself - there is a library somewhere to help I think, try a search for Timer1.

In brief timer0 is 8bit and used for micros() millis() delay() etc, timer1 is 16bit and uncommitted except for PWM and timer2 is 8bit and uncommitted except PWM

There are other ways to generate pulse trains too of course.

On the Arduino, the frequency it runs at is 16MHz.

You can use an 8 bit timer for that. It may take a bit more coding than the 16 bit, but it's possible.

I need to generate a 8-10 KHz square wave.

Why? Details, man, details.

Lots of words, but not much detail. Overall, what are you trying to do? What do the motors do? In response to what?