Stepper motor + DRV8825 driver + Arduino Duemilanove


i am trying to run a stepper ( with the setup in the subject, but without any luck.

wiring shown in the picture, have been trying with both a 9V, 1,2 A and a 9V, 2 A power supply + 5V logic power.

i would appreciate any hints and comments regarding doing the right thing.

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stepper_dvr8825driver_ver01.ino (418 Bytes)

Try changing the values in this bit of code to the following …

for(int i=0;i<steps;i++){
   digitalWrite(stepperPin, HIGH);
   delayMicroseconds(8); // generally only a short pulse is needed to cause a step
   digitalWrite(stepperPin, LOW);
   delay(200); // this is the delay between steps, and governs the speed.

This will give much slower stepping to get you started.


thanks, i succeed now!

Also checkout the AccelStepper library, allows smooth acceleration and deceleration which will perform better than sudden start/stop.