stepper motor + easyDriver + arduino = ?


My new stepper motor & easydriver v3 have arrived (yay). Now, before I hook it all up (and posibly set fire to it) i just wanted to check some things.

Here’s the datasheet for my motor:

And the EasyDriver

Now, by my understandings,

Motor → Easy Driver

Orange & blue → Motor coil a (does it matter which way they go round?)
Red & Yellow → Motor coil b
Black & White → Ground

Easy Driver → Arduino

Step Input → Digital Input X
Direction Input → Digital input y

It says on the website it plugs into a standard bread board, any idea how? Otherwise, it’s it just best to solder everything?

Once ive sorted this, the world will be mine (or at least, a motion control motor).

Cheers (ill try and contribute instead of asking so many questions soon!)

Nick Deboar

on my 6 wire bipolar stepper I did not connect the middle wires

and I do some ramping to start and stop the stepper more smooth
i.e. decreasing or increasing the delay

just try how much delay your motor needs

----code snippet ---------------

unsigned int ramp = 160; // steps to start ramping
unsigned int del; // delay: should be >= 40

del = 400; // initial delay
steps = st; // steps to go

for (i = 0; i<steps; i++)
digitalWrite(steppin, HIGH);
delayMicroseconds(del); // pauses for del microseconds
digitalWrite(steppin, LOW);
delayMicroseconds(del); // pauses for del microseconds
if (i < ramp) del-=2; // ramp up
if (i > steps-ramp) del+=2; // ramp down


  • Paul

I forgot:
be sure to power your stuff with clean dc

as long as I used a wall-adapter the easydriver/stepper-combo did not run
then i took 12v from an old pc-power-supply and it worked fine

now I power my robot by a LiIon-Pack


Is there a way to easily hook this up to a bread board?



I’m using a combination of 3 easydrivers and 3 steppers w/ my arduino.

Don’t use the the b&w wires off the motors - you can leave those un-hooked up (they are the common terminals, and aren’t used w/ easydriver). Hook up orange/blue and read/yellow to either A or B, you can experiment, but orange/blue and red/yellow go together. Give it a power feed of at least 2x your motor’s input voltage directly into the Vin/GND on the easydriver. (Make sure you share the GND off of this power supply to the one used by the arduino. Or just use the same power supply for both) If your motor whines when you add power, adjust down the amp setting (ADJ) on the easydriver until it stops whining.

Namely, you can just get a PCB-mountable female DC jack, put that in your breadboard, and then hook up a 12V wall-wart to it. Then you can run the +/- off to the easy driver and the Vin/GND on the arduino (just make sure you don’t get +v and gnd backwards =)


Just a quick update, it all works fine! I just bought some pin headers, which let me breadboard everything. It doesn’t seem to matter which way the coils are attached, and the middle leads dont appear to do anything :wink:

Cheers for your help