Stepper motor for coin operated band paper vending machine

Hello guys. Can you give me some help. I'm in the middle of making the bandpaper vending machine but I can't get the right code. I'm using a stepper motor which is connected to arduino. Anybody help please. Especially with the code.

Help with what code? You haven't posted any. Can you give a few details on the project? It's hard to help with something we know so little about.

Actually I haven't any code yet. The project is once you insert a peso coin it will out two band papers and the stepper motor is the one who operates. The stepper motor operates only when the coin inserted from the coin slot/selector.

Have you had a search of the internet yet. There are tons of projects out there involving coin operated stuff. It sounds like you have an idea, now it is time to do some research on how it gets done. That should involve a little more than asking people on an internet forum to spoon feed it to you.

Please see my response on your other thread about the solar charger. We don't write your code for you here. You have to start yourself.

Here is a good place to start.

You may find some useful stuff in Stepper Motor Basics

What is a "band paper" ?