Stepper Motor GUI with Multiple Arduinos

Hi all,

Thank you for the help on the last post! It was very helpful.

(Accel Stepper Library Forward and Backward Motion)

I am still working on this stepper motor project, and I wanted to program a graphic user interface (GUI) with three main requirements:

  1. Connect to two Arduinos
  2. Connect to a tablet or smartphone
  3. Can take user-inputs for two Arduinos from a GUI and communicate these inputs to the Arduino's serial monitor

The user-inputs would be the following:

Arduino 1: Speed, Translational Distance, and Mode
Arduino 2: Speed, Translational Distance, and Mode

I have done a bit of research on and off the forum with possible options on creating the GUI: processing, visual studio, javafx, C++/C#, MATLAB, or python. However, I am wondering what is the best approach for creating a simple GUI that can connect two Arduinos and receive inputs for each Arduino? Do you have any suggestions on which language would work better in the long-run such as connecting to a device or tablet? I am wondering what is the best way to navigate through this section of project, and general advice, guidance, or resources?

Thanks again for all the help!

First question to every such discussion:

Why would you use two Arduinos? :roll_eyes:

The way the device is setup required the usage of two arduino. The device is made of two separate components. The arduinos are not communicating with each other, but instead will function separately.

Can anyone lead me into the right direction for creating a GUI for a single stepper motor at least?

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