Stepper motor guide

Hi guys, i am an amateur at at stepper motor and arduino. So please bear with me.

Currently i need to control two stepper motor at the same time using accellstepper.h library.

From what i understand the acceleration coding. The speed is actually step/second. And the accleration start from time=0. So from the start the motor will accelerate into the maximum speed set by user, which i think i can control perfectly.

However my concern right now is to have the another same scenario as the above. Rather than accelerate it decelerate. So when the program start. The motor will rise to speed until the maxspeed that i set then slowly decelerate per second to minimum speed i set.

So i was wondering do i need to tune the library ? Thanks for the help in advance

Please don't post the same question in multiple Forums.

The max acceleration setting is for prevent mis-steps on aggresive movement schedules. Try just changing it during the motion and see what happens, I know that library does some precalculation and some dynamic calculation so I'm not sure what happens.

If it doesn't work for what you want, you code your own motion profile yourself I guess.