stepper motor half shaft?

looking at getting a set of these motors, but not sure what the shafts are called and what kind of hub to use or how to search for it? i don't see a shaft size in the description is there a "typical" size, or will i have to wait until i get it a measure it? i looked at universal hubs but they look like there set up for straight smooth shaft.

I think that shaft would be called 'double flatted'. From the model number on the label I was able to find engineering diagrams. The full shaft is 5 mm in diameter and 3 mm across the flats. It will probably work on any hub with a 5mm bore. The flatted part of the shaft is 6 mm long.

thank you, i looked up the datasheet is there anyway you can figure out the max rpms for the gear ratio? when i google videos of this motor they look very slow. i need something that will be around 80-100 rpms. reading about running unipolar motors in bipolar mode but its very confusing.

Because the motor is geared down for hight torque it is not good for hight speeds. This post ( says that it should max out at 13 RPM when run on 5V and can reach 35 RPM if overdriven with 12v. It's not likely to get near the 80 RPM you want.

You should probably switch to a stepper that isn't geared.

does anyone have any model # of a stepper that would suit my needs? tried to search un geared and non geared ,but can't find any

60-80 rpm or any where close

These from McLennan in the UK might work for you:

What is the application for these motors?
If we know we may be able to suggest a better system.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

magnet stir table, i'v used use cpu fans, but they spin pretty fast, buzz pretty loud with pwm and don't seem very durable. i'm mounting magnets on them. someone in the fourm posted a st-pm35 but i can't find them "cheap" there like $6 and $7-9 shipping. if i go that much ill get a Nema17. that would be a bit over kill but it should last forever i'm guessing.