Stepper motor help needed

Hiya again all

Thanks for all the input and suggestions I am well on my way now to finishing off the project, the mechanical bits have been modified to lose weight as the steppers were finding it hard to start the inertia, a gentle shove and it performs admirably

Now my next question that I hope you can help me with, I have 5 steppers that were changed out when I rebuilt my CNC and upgraded

The Steppers are Minebea 23LM-C343V rated as below

Rated Volts 3.3 Rated I/Phase amps 1.5 holding torque 4.300, winding resistance ohms 2.2

I was running these on a 24 volt power supply, I would like to try and get a bit more performance with them, so any advice on power supply voltage etc would be very welcome

Also I need some female 6 pins to fit the inputs to the stepper motors as god knows where the last lot went, I found 1 overall width =16.9height 3.9 mm 6 female pins, I would like to buy some but cannot for the life of me find any specifications and there are so many to choose from

Take care stay safe, thanks

You will get the best performance (torque and speed) using the highest voltage power supply that your stepper drivers are rated for.

Be sure to carefully adjust the coil current limits on the stepper drivers.

The coil current spec is the one that is the most relevant.

i am using TB6600 as drivers, I never really got on with the A4988 and similar drivers, yes they are a lot cheaper but they were getting spiked a lot so I changed out of them

Current spec is really easy with TB6600 as well but no where can I find out what is the max voltage for the stepper motors, any idea what it could be ?

The max voltage of the steppers is irrelevant. The stepper coil current is. Whatever voltage that you feed the driver, the driver controls the current.

And the higher the voltage the better it can do it's job ( Within it's spec of course :wink: )

I admit I am a tad nervous increasing the voltage that is the max i can use

I do understand that the drivers can handle a lot more than I have in voltage supply, but how can i work out what is the max voltage without trial and error and blowing up drivers or the motor with too much power

The drivers I use the TB6600 are so easy to adjust with just a flick of the triggers and all is done,

Is there a formula for working out max voltage ?

Thanks all


The maximum voltage is specified in the driver data sheet. No calculation necessary. Here is the specification from the TB6600 data sheet.

Supply voltage up to +40 VDC, Output current up to 4.0 A (PEAK)

You certainly do not have to run at the maximum. I run the steppers on my 3D printer, mini CNC engraver and my 2D plotter at 12V (using DRV8825 drivers that have a max supply voltage of 45V). Like I said, if you want maximum speed and torque, you need to use the maximum specified supply voltage of the drivers and set the drivers for the maximum coil current specification of the stepper motors. If you can get the speed and performance at lower voltage and current then use them. If you are afraid of using the maximums, get a better stepper motor and/or driver that don't need to operate so close to their maximum specifications and still give the required performance.

The stepper motor basics thread may have information of interest.