Stepper motor help required

Can I use a Elegoo Mega 2560 R3 for this project? I am wanting to drive a Minebea PG20L-D20-GZPOA motor and to drive a Hayden Kerk 15000 series. I want to test each motor individually and would need code for this. Any help would be appreciated

Can you post links to data sheets for the 2 devices?

Yes, Mega can control both of those. Both will need a motor driver to control the current & voltage needed. Mega outputs are only 5V and 25-30mA tops, a motor driver will take those low level control signals and control the higher currents and voltages that are needed.

I have a L298 N board that I can use. I’m struggling on what code to use

I really appreciate your help. I require the motors to run in one direction for 20 seconds and then go in the other direction for 20 seconds.

One needs an h-bridge to allow direction changes, see Figure 6.

One is a stepper motor, you have to supply pulses in the correct order.
See Figure 8. The motor datasheet gives the pulse order.

Many thanks, much appreciated. Will I need to purchase h bridges? I’m not sure what code I should load onto the mega

The L298N IS an H-bridge. An old, inefficient technology, but an H-bridge.

The Stepper.h library in the IDE might be a good starting point.

Many thanks

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