Stepper motor, help. the engine vibrates but does not turn


I start programming and I try to do something quite simple and yet I really can not do it. Could you help me ? I think I have a wiring problem in the wires.
(since even the examples of arduino programs do not work).

I'm just trying to rotate my stepper motor but with the program it's impossible. This one does not answer. It just vibrates the time and I can vary this vibration but I can not turn it.

Also, sometimes LEDs flash at L1, L2, L3, L4, on the driver? What does it mean ?

Could you help me ?
Thank you in advance,
I have not find to solve my problem with different forums and Internet help.


You haven't given any real information or posted links to the motor or motor driver you're using or posted any code or said how everything is powered.

My guess is you don't have sufficient power to move the motor. But without information it is just a guess.


Hello Slipstick,
My guess would be that you have the phases of the motors crossed over.
Have you made sure that the output wire pairs are going to motor phase pairs?
The PCB sockets have 4 wires, 2 pairs side by side. They must go to the motor phase pairs (check with a multimeter to see which wires are roughly 2 to 5 Ohms) and connect them accordingly.
When they are okay the motor will run if the drive current is adequate.
To reverse the direction just switch only one pair of wires around.

I hope this helps,


Hello scintilla,

My guess is that you can't even tell who posted the problem. Hint, it wasn't me ;).