Stepper motor, l239 motor controller, duinotech


New to this arduino thing did the blink and so forth through to dc motors then servos with l298
I made things flash and spin...

Now for my actual project movement to my telescope with stepper motors.

So I bought a motor controller shield I have a duinotech wifi arduino and two Nema 17 1.8d 12v stepper motors.

I know the "Uno" won't handle the stepper so I have a power supply as seen in the photo.

Tested the stepper ran the sketchs to lots of problems with the wrong libraries..

Get a test Sketch on to the "Uno" that sticks with no bugs head over to the desk plug everything in and the picuter may as well be a video.

The code tells the motor to spin forward and back at different speeds.

Cables are all plugged in how I've seen a few people show it.

So I'm at my end with this.
looks like the stepper was one step out of my league.

Do you have a meter to test your wiring?

If You post real schematics, not a Fritzing, You will receive suggestions.
Pictures don't t show enough.

Yes I have a multimeter which shows nothing is being drawn from the stepper after the l293 shield.

While I can find cont wire for stepper.
As stated before. Have had the "uno" working pre shield. "With blink and dc motor"

Had the same issue on the l298n but it would try and spin this was due to power supply this is why in photo I got the step up. Which is now set to 12v for the correct power.

Wiring maybe I'll redo all tonight with solider fittings over juper push.

All wire diagrams and sketchs I've seen online are the way I have it in photo as "stated" I've tired all the simple examples sketchs to have nothing happen.

5v jumper is removed due to external power is being used.

Their is always one one person like yourself. Really why comment if your comment is nothing but I'm not providing enough information.

Without adekvate information all You will get is more or less useless guesses.
Improve the information to us! Making a stepper run is no problem. The question is to find what's wrong in Your setup.
It's up to You how long You'll have to wait for solving the issue.

Please give full details of the motors - datasheet link or product page - we need full the hardware details (motor, stepper driver, power supply) and your code to be able to analyze what's happening (or not happening).

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