Stepper motor microstepping (L293D)

Hi there,

I have some questions about stepper motors and I couldn't find an anwser online.

I am using a Nema 17 motor with 200 steps per revolution, also I got an adafruit motorshield V1 clone. My target is to drive a trapezoidal threaded rod with a pitch of 8mm per revolution.

The thing is I am not sure what 200 steps per revolution means. Is it 200 microsteps per revolution or 200 normal steps? But I think it only can be microsteps because there are only 4 coils, so for 1 revolution with full steps you only need 4. Am I right?
How can I find out the minimum resolution of the motor in combination with the rod. I calculated that for every 0.1mm movement on the rod I need 0.013 turns. Can I do that or do I need a plenatary gear?

Thank you in advance

Most stepper motors have 200 full steps per revolution. You can also get motors with 400 full steps per revolution.

An L293D is a poor choice for driving a stepper motor.

A specialized stepper motor driver will have settings that can be used for micro-stepping.

Nema 17 only tells us the size of the front face of the motor - 1.7 inches. Post a link to the datasheet for your motor.

And have a read through these links
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Thanks for the answer but how do I find out how little the microsteps can be?

Thanks for the answer but how do I find out how little the microsteps can be?

That depends on the stepper motor driver that you use. And without seeing the datasheet for the motor I can't suggest a suitable driver.

To give an example, the Pololu DRV8825 can operate with 1/2, 1/4, 1/8. 1/16 and 1/32 microsteps. But I have no idea whether that driver would be suitable for your motor.