Stepper motor not responding

Hello Arduino forum. I am currently trying to use my arduino MEGA 2560 to control a nema 23 stepper motor (through RAMPS 1.4 pcb if that helps). Unfortunately it does not respond at all when I supply it with power. I am new to arduino so I was hoping someone on here could take a look at my code and provide some help with this issue.

I am using an open source code and have tried to scan through many times but I am still a beginner to Arduino so it is difficult for me to debug it properly. I have attached to code and would greatly appreciate any type of help.

Thanks in advance.

Main_Code_experimental.ino (53.1 KB)

Don't try to solve problems with 53k of code. Write a short program (10 or 20 lines) to learn how to get the motor to work.

This Simple Stepper Code may be useful.

A RAMPS board uses A4988 or DRV8825 drivers. Can they provide enough current for your Nema 23 motor? Post a link to the motor datasheet.