stepper motor or regular dc motor for project

Hi All,
I'm building a model spaceship. Among other things, it must rotate on a stand. The ship will be about three feet long and weigh somewhere around 3 pounds max. It will have a shaft out the poop shoot to a heavy stand. The ship will ride on shaft on one or two bearings. Shaft will have gear fixed to it. Motor will be attached to ship and motor gear turns and pulls/pushes ship orbiting around gear fixed to shaft of the stand. IR remote control button push for clockwise and another for counterclockwise.

The question is I don't know what type of motor to use. I have a dc motor from a VCR which is connected to a worm gear, which is connected to large gear that I could drill out and mount on that shaft.

Or is it easier to use a stepper motor with the worm gear arrangement or just forget the worm gear and use stepper motor with little gear directly going around this large gear on the stand shaft?

Any thoughts...?

I'd use a geared DC motor, gear ratio according to motor and spaceship speed. A stepper motor only would draw much current and is harder to control (acceleration...).

Thanks, DrDiettrich,
I will use a geared dc motor.