Stepper Motor troubles

Hi all,

I’m trying to use an arduino uno and the example codes from the stepper library to control leadshine stepper motors with leadshine stepper drivers. The motors and drivers are motor 573s15-L 1.2degree/5.8A and driver 3ND583 and then motor 57-H250C408 and driver DM442.

Things happen, just not what I want or expect. I can’t seem to control the motors and get the results desired. I’m just looking for some advice and things I can try. I’ve done a little research and watched multiple youtube videos, but I can’t get anything working properly. Is there any trick to stepper motors, or something specific about working with leadshine?

Much Appreciated!


stepper_oneStepAtATime.ino (1.12 KB)

stepper_oneRevolution.ino (997 Bytes)

You need to make a pencil drawing showing how everything is connected and post a photo of your drawing.

What power supply are you using for the motors - volts and amps?

This simple stepper code should work for testing. It does not use any libraries.

You may find something useful in stepper motor basics.


Industrial stepper drivers need 3 inputs, ENABLE, STEP and DIRECTION. Each is an opto-coupler, so you are basically driving an LED.

Check with the documentation how to connect, whether an external resistor is needed (often the drive has resistors, but check this).

You are initializing the Stepper object for a unipolar motor. You need the AccelStepper library initilized for step+direction pins

You need to ensure the drive is enabled before trying any motion. The library doesn't handle enable, you have to (simplest is to hard wire it).

You will have better performance if you ramp the speed, and the AccelStepper library handles this - read the docs, read the stepper guide.