Stepper Motor Vibrating but not moving

I’ve seen a few topics on this but none of them had the answers I needed. I am currently using the stepper motor and driver from the Elegoo Super Starter Kit. When I run my program(the example stepper_OneRevolution) the stepper motor vibrates but wont’t spin at all. Thoughts and advice?

Ops pic.

Swap the order of the wires connecting the UNO to the stepper driver, I have used a similar arrangement and you have to get the order of control signals right for a stepper to work.

Turn OFF power before swapping wires.

Do you have a DMM to check the 5V to the stepper motor?
The 9V transistor battery may not be up to the job.

Tom… :slight_smile:

You're powering a 5 volt motor with 9 volts? Hmmm.

9V block batteries are totally unsuitable for powering motors, and don't last long running an Arduino, either.

Same advice given in your other thread on motors.

Do you bother to read the replies?