Stepper Motor with 3 wires coming off it

Alright, so I took apart an old hard drive for some parts for an upcoming project, and the stepper motor that drives it only has 3 wires coming off it.

None of them are ground, because there's the same resistance between all of them (6 ohms)

When I apply 5 volts across any two of the, it snaps to a new spot.

I thought maybe the body of the stepper is ground, but that wasn't it either.

Anyone have any idea of what I'm dealing with here? How should I code for it? It'd be a nice one to use, it's pretty quiet.

Are you sure this is a stepper motor ? It sounds like a 3 phase spindle motor to me. These are good for constant speed with 3 phase drive, but do not operate well as steppers.