Stepper motor with Rev3 motor shield pin issue

Hello. I was wondering if I could get some help trying to figure out a simple "one revolution" stepper motor code. I am using the Arduino UNO and the Arduino Rev3 motor shield with a NEMA17 stepper motor. I am using the stepper.h library and the one revolution example. Everything works as advertised, but now I want to change the code from pwmA 3 and pwmB 11 to pwmA 10 and pwmB11. The goal is to use a different pin instead of pin 3 so I can use a tft touchshield on top of the rev3 motorshield. I know that pin 3 is an interrupt pin. Is that why I can't get any other pin to work? Any help would be appreciated!

Accelstepper is popular and a more modern stepper library as I understand. Never used stepper.h.
Try and post the code. Maybe the pins used is there in the init code or setup.

The shield hard wired to pins 3 and 11. See the schematic. You would have to cut trace(s) and rewire with jumper(s) to change pins.

The ancient L298 DC motor driver is not an appropriate driver for a modern bipolar stepper motors. If you want help to pick a modern driver for the motor, post a data sheet or the specifications of your stepper.

All we know from this is the size of the mounting plate. 1.7 inch.
Post a link to the stepper motor you have.
There are many that can't be used with a crappy L298 dinosaur (Arduino motor shield).

Okay thank you for that information. I looked at the schematic but I couldn’t quite make that out. Where on the schematic does it show that it is hardwired to pins 3 and 11?

On [the schematic](file:///C:/Users/DaD/Downloads/arduino_MotorShield_Rev3-schematic.pdf) are the digital headers that have the pins 0-7 and 8-16. Here i marked the IDE pin numbers alongside the headers. You see that PWMA is wired to pin 3.

Awesome. Thank you so much for that information!