Stepper motor

Hi everybody

I building a kind of 3 axis CNC machine and I want to use an Arduino board to do my test, it need to give informations to 3 stepper motors and I want be able to talk to these stepper via potentiometer for to of them and via two push buttons for the third one that will go up and down regarding the button I pushed.

Any idea of the board I should use and the shield for the stepper?


Any board will do. Have a regulating stepping motor driver just google:- stepper motor controller pololu

What do you think about this one?

What is the rating of the stepper motors?

pierre-o: What do you think about this one?

Looks fine if a bit pricy.

Is the difference between this one

and this one

Only the brand? They seems to have the same capacity and they are based on the same chip.

For the motor I'll do my first text with three like this one insofar as I have some spare one already. But will probably go for more powerful and precise one for the final piece.

Ah those motors aren't too hard to drive - the larger ones in big CNC machines need several amps and really challenge (over-heat) most single-chip stepper drivers...

If you want them to spin fast use a higher voltage supply and a chopper driver like the A4988. Also go for motors with low winding resistance (and hence low winding inductance) if speed is important.