stepper motor

Hi guys, I'm working on stepper motor and want to know how to make it change direction with reference of 0-255 pwm input for e.g if I increase pwm from 0-255 motor should go forward complete revolution and again if I decrease from 255-0 it should reverse complete revolution.

The stepper motor driver usually has a direction input to tell it directions. If you are not using a stepper driver, then please post your code and a diagram of how it is wired.

PWM (analogWrite() ) has nothing to do with controlling a stepper motor.

Perhaps you mean a servo which requires Servo.write()?

...R Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

Hi, I'm using unipolar motor 12vdc with uln2003A, and tried the example code in which it is going some step forward and reverse but what I want is to control it from Bluetooth app which is having a slider providing 0-255 pwm output at pin 6 so I want to read and use that slider 0-255 to turn stepper forward and reverse .

I have not written any program yet as I'm clueless any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Post a link to the datasheet for your motor.

If it is a 28BYJ motor there are dozens of Forum Threads about them.

If you have a value from 0 to 255 and want forward and reverse a simple solution is 127 - number which will give you a range -128 to +127. Then you can move forward for the positive values and reverse for the negative values.