Stepper motor

Dear All,

I have 2 Stepper Motors (QMot stepper motor1 Amp, 5.3Ohms, 5.3 volts and 200 steps/rev.) , which are connected to the Adafruit shield2.4, they are mounted to Arduino Mega, the motors pull generally 2 A from external current from Adafruit. My problem is, they don´t rotate smoothly, clearly and fast at the same time. When I use DOUBLE to define my Stepps, speed is ok but rotation is lout and shaking. When I use MICROSTEP is more smoothly but too much slow. The program is running two stepper motors to roll up optical cables. The cables have to be really precisely come together and accurately be installed on pulley. Also I need a solution to run my Steppers Motors smoothly, clearly and fast. Incidentally, I want to know, do I need BigEasyDriver for that? If you need more info oder fotos feel free to ask