Stepper position

Hello all
Im new to programming and dont really know how or where to start
I am building a machine that will pickup a cell on one axis (z) with top and bottom prox switches and move it with another axis (x) to a determined amount of steps (or another prox sw) then Z will drop in place and both return to origin for another loop and repeat a certain amount of times
Its more of a sequence of steps one finishes and the next starts
Any help is greatly appreciated

That is a lot for someone who is new to programming.

Get an Arduino. Perhaps an Uno or a Nano or whatever is inexpensive.
Get the Arduino IDE, free for downloading. Set it up.
Work through the examples that come with the IDE.
You may need to learn some C/C++ programming first. Do what works best for you - take a course, do some reading, watch some videos. At some point, you MUST do some programming of your own.

Good Luck!

These links may help after you have come to grips with the basics of programming an Arduino

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code


Fantastic i will look into that
Thank you for your input I really appreciate it