Stepper power supply choice

I have the following stepper coming soon and need a power supply. I am planning on using an a4988 controller. I have read several articles and forum posts but steppers seem to confuse me about their power supply. The stepper will be turning a table, it will be direct drive and have about 4 pounds in it at anytime. It will only be turning 1/6 of a turn at a time and needs to do that in about a second. Based on what I have read, the more voltage the better with the controllers range. So, I am thinking of a 24volt 1amp supply. Can anyone add some reassurance that this would be a good choice?

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Model 42BYGH34-0400A Material Metal Dimension approx. 42x42x34mm (Length x Width x Thickness) Step Angle 1.8° Rated Voltage 12V Rated Current 0.4A Number of phase 2 Resistace Per Phase 30Ω±10% Rotor Intertia 34g.cm2 Holding Torque Detent Torque

Be sure to use code that can accelerate and decelerate the table motion.


Use the highest convenient voltage that is within the specs of the A4988. I use a 19v laptop power supply for some similar motors. 24v would be better.

...R Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

Robin - thank you for the info. I probably have an old laptop supply around. If I decide to buy a power supply, would the 1 amp work?

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aiannar974: If I decide to buy a power supply, would the 1 amp work?

That should be plenty but if it was my decision I would get one with more current unless there was a significant difference in the price.