Stepper + ULN2003 + Micro Pro - How to make it run?

Hi Everyone!

I have been looking for any solutions for a week and I gave up.
Has anyone got an idea how to connect:

I have found code, but it requires number 11 input (there is no in 32u4).
So i got confused about that. Photo of my work is underneath.
I need your help in connecing the wires and getting the right code. Any help appreaciated.


What i meant was:

Connect ULN2003>32u4:
IN1 > 8
IN2 > 9
IN3 > 10
IN4 > 11

The case is that I don't have (or just cant see) PIN no. 11 on the board.

I have tried to change the code into:
IN1 > 0
IN2 > 1
IN3 > 2
IN4 > 3

but I couldn't upload it to the board :frowning: