Steppermotor must do something on a certainpossition (solved)

My steppermotor must do something on a certainpossition.

I am using the sketch from Michael Schoeffler 2017.

My steppermotor is a 28BJY-48

If my steppermotor reaches the possition 1000, I want that a light goes on.

But if I uses the following IF statements

if (stepper.steps(1000)
(digitalWrite led, HIGH);

Nothing happens.


Please include your full sketch as placement of an IF statement could be the problem and people need to understand how and where you call it.

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I have a found a sollution for my problem.
Zo this tread can be closed.

Can we ask what your solution was as it may benefit other with a similar issue ?

The steppermotor had 8000 steps to go. On steps 1000 I want a led to go on.


I divided the steps into two different steps

stepper.step (1000); // steppermotor go for the first 1000 steps then it will stops
digitalWrite(led,HIGH); // led goes on after 1000 steps
stepper.step (7000); // steppermotor continues the rest of the steps.

I thought that the steppermotor should stop at position 1000 but that is not so. Or it not visable.

So problem solved.

I don't know how to shut down this thread, will you do it for me, thanks.

I will mark it as SOLVED for you.