Steppermotor project

Hi, i'm Johan and new to Arduino.
I ordered the starter kit to learn a lot from arduino and programming.

My goal is to make a steppermotor circuit for an actuator on a car.
It is a 5 wire actuator.
2 power wires which should be controlled bij h-bridge, and feedback sensor 5Vdc, mass and feedback signal.
ECU gives a PWM signal in 250hz.
I want to make a closed loop circuit that reacts on ecu pwm signal and put stepper motor in right position.
Should this be possible with an Arduino board and a h-bridge circuit?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Johan

No idea you have to post a link to the data sheet of this actuator. It does not sound like a stepping motor.

It is actuator like this.

I think it is analog.
It is H-bridge controlled and gets position feedback in 250 hz 0-5V.

I still need to learn a lot about this stuff.. :wink:

welcome. first off it would appear that the motor iin that devise is not a stepper motor. stepper motors needs at least 4 wires as the minimalst ones have two separate coils.

it sounds like that motor is a simple DC motor with "CIPOSĀ® (Contactless Inductive Position Sensor)"

makes life easier when you know the thing that needs to be controlled.

if your plan is to replace that, then you would be better off getting a 4 wire stepper and a microstepping driver. both rather cheap on e-bay.

the microstepping driver will be much smoother than an h-bridge and also simpler to use.

if your plan is to use that device, then it is not a stepper and the h-bridge would work for a standard DC motor. you just use the SIPOS (always leary went the manufacturer uses 'POS' when naming their own products.

Thank you for the information.
Like i said i really need to learn a lot about this stuff.
I go and find out a lot more about it and see if i can get it moving.
Than i come back and hope i know more than and don't ask stupid questions anymore :wink:

I want to use the stock electronics on the motor.


You are right about the CIPOS.
This is the position sensor in the actuator:

Can i use an arduino board to make a close loop position control for the dc motor?


Got it all working now.
Thanks for the help.

Love Arduino, really nice what you can do with it!