Steppers motors going in only forwards

Hey there. I'm trying to make a mini DVD plotter cnc usingsome old DVD stepper motors. The problem is they are going only forwards (X axis and Y axis onl forward) . I tried some testing sketchs and the motors work in both directions. The problems looks to be from code or idk . Can you guys help me?

I'm using INKSCAPE Gcode to send the code for the image. The code has negatives values (for going backwards)
I;ll add some photos to see what's about :

The code: #include <AFMotor.h>#include <Servo.h>#include <Stepper.h>#define LINE_B -

Typical symptom of using unsigned int which cannot be negative, when a straight int should be used.


Sooo how can i fix ?

The Arduino has a search function, ctrl-f. Use it to search your code file for "int" and see if you find any unsigned int. You will have to study the logic at that point to determine if the unsigned into is causing the problem.


It's not

maybe try to connect stepper wires diffrently heard sometime it happends but going only one direction sounds strange

I tried, it's not that

You need to post your program and please use the code button </> so it looks like this. See How to use the Forum

Also post the program that makes the motors work in both directions.