Stepping motor 8 wire

Hello, I have a project to create a Tank sewerman and I need to configuring a stepping motor.

For this project i have a stepping motor RS 191-8340 12V 0.48A 1.8° 1214 200steps

I try many things on internet and it's not work so that i ask you if you can help me ?

What stepper driver are you using? The data sheet shows how to wire the coils for 2 coil (4 wire) operation.

Stepper basics

A stepper drive is the driver circuit that controls how the stepper motor operates. Stepper drives work by sending current through various phases in pulses to the stepper motor 9apps

you can wire an 8-wire stepper as either in series or in parallel.
the amps and volts invert just like any Ohm’s law calculation.

the beauty is that you can use lower voltage and get more performance than if you wire it the other way.

your choices are :
use only one set of the coils, make sure the other leads are not connected to anything else.
wire with coils in series
wire with coils in parallel.

you MUST figure out what coils go with each other AND that you have them oriented properly.
part of the manual testing is that you can rotate it by hand when you have its wires connected.
if you have it miswired, it will have a much harder time spinning.
try any stepper. tie all the motor wires on any stepper together and you may not be able to turn it. it acts like a brake.

GECKO WIRING is how to wire any stepper. this is what you are looking for.