stickduino not working again

my stickduino stopped connecting to my pc a few months ago and i never figured out what was wrong with it so it went into a box till a week ago. i plugged it into the usb port and the drivers installed and it worked sketches and everything. but today its not working again. the led lights up when i plug it in for a few second sbut then it doesnt connect or show up. im guessing this is something to do with the ftdi chip but thats about all i can figure out. if anybody has any idea what to do please let me kno i really dont want to buy another board atm.

and now it decides to work again after i pluged it in and unplugged it about 100 times. could it be a problem with something not reseting right?

It sounds like the USB socket may be faulty. Touch up the connections with a soldering iron.