Stickduino - USB Stick sized clone board

Everytime a small clone board is released, someone says something about how awesome it would be if it were a USB stick sized board. So here it is, a USB stick sized Arduino clone, the stickduino.

  • Small, 5.5x2.1cm not including the USB connector.
  • Electrically compatible with the Diecimila, FT232 based USB with auto-reset and 3.3V output.
  • All 8 analog inputs are broken out, thats two more than virtually every other board.
  • Pin 13 LED onboard and located near the end of the board.
  • Solder jumper selects 3.3V or 5V I/O operation.
  • Low voltage drop diode protects USB port from un-expected input voltages.

These won't be orderable until the SMT stencil for them comes in, but they do fulfil the awesome requirement anyway. Let me know what you think, comments, questions, suggestions, whatever.

Very nice design.
I had a look at some of your other projects on your Flickr site.
All very well done.
Are you selling boards or sharing CAD files for your DuinoStamp?

EDIT: I found your site for boards -Thanks



Impressive, you've been been producing some nice looking stuff lately. :slight_smile:


Any timeline for these ?

Any day now, I would expect later this week. I'm just waiting on time to push them through the assembly process and do the associated webwork.

I promise to let everyone know.

StickDuinos are now available.
Their product page has some additional details (including the schematic, board, and parts list).
They're currently available fully assembled for just under $20USD, and there should be bare boards available soon.