Still having problems , where do i add libraries

Ok, I thought I had the problem solved last week by creating a libraries folder in MyDocuments\arduino, that worked fine for one group of files. but not for any other programes I have tried. I keep getting (wiiblue.cpp:6:24: error: MemoryFree.h: No such file or directory) for example, I have put MemoryFree.h in just about every folder in my computer and it still cant find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

for example, I have put MemoryFree.h in just about every folder in my computer and it still cant find it.

It needs to be in a folder called MemoryFree that is inside your libraries folder. Then you need to quit the arduino software and restart it in order for it to see it.

Still does not work, just end up with hundreds of errors when trying to compile. Last week after many many hours I unzipped USB_Host_Shield_2 into the libraries folder i created in Mydocuments\arduino, and it worked fine, all the programs in that collection that is, nothing else from the internet will work, even if using the same include files, nothing will compile, that is unless it only uses include files from the Arduino software only.

In the IDE

Sketch → Import library →

Whatever libraries are listed there are in the correct directory.

Still does not work, nothing will compile. I took a screen print to show you how i have it set up and the first of many errors. And yes inside the folders the .h files are there. Again any help is greatly appreciated.

That first line of the error will give a path name of where the compiler is looking and what file it is looking for.
From what I can see of the line, (it is a bit blurred) it looks like the compiler is looking for the file in an other users My Documents folder.
Use the command line window and check what is in the directory the compiler is looking at. Check that this is indeed your path.

The “Usb/Usb.h” seems off for a Windows system.

Where did you download the library from?

In file included from wiiblue.cpp:4:
C:\Documents and Settings\Charley\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\Usb/Usb.h:31:21: error: avrpins.h: No such file or directory

From what I can tell Usb.h is calling for avrpins.h and can't find it, is that correct?

In file included from wiiblue.cpp:4:

Yeah, that isn't what meant by downloaded. Where did you get the library from in the first place?

Well, I dumped that whole thing and downloaded the zip file from GitHub - moyuchin/WiiRemote_on_Arduino: Wii Remote, Arduino, USB Host Shield, Circuit at home, unzipped it in mydocuments\arduino\libraries and it compiled perfectly, grrr. thanks for all the help guys, now I can rewrite it to fit my project:)