Still playing with my binary (lilypad) clock....! Digital Clock?

Okay, I'm fairly new to arduino and I recently make a binary clock similar to the Evil Genius example (lilypad).

I moved the time adjustment button to pin 11 (as it was open), then added a Real Time Clock to A$ and A% so it appears at though all my pins are sued up.... Except 0/RX.

Is it possible to connect a CDS cell to either 0 or to a3 (move the LED + to 0) and then add in a CDS cell to dim the LEDS when it is dark? They are very bright. Can the (-) side the LEDs be turned on and off to produce a dimming effect on all of the LEDs?

I may have to create a bank of LEDs and start alternating power to free up some pins?

Does anyone out there have code or build instructions for a digital clock? I want to play with these as well.....!

I don't know why I am having so much fun with trying to "reinvent" the clock lately, but I think I'm going overboard.

I'm open to suggestions....

I have been building a binary clock. It is still a work in progress. (even the write up page needs work)

The code on that page converts the time into BCD.

The original code I wrote followed ThinkGeek's binary watch. 4 bits for hours and 6 bits for minutes.

I found it difficult to calculate the minutes in my head with 6-bits and moved toward the BCD design.

I used a TLC5940 mostly because I have another project in mind that the same control board will be used for. For this clock, it is overkill.