Stirrer + Thermocouple + Heating element

Hi there,

I have just picked up an arduino to try and automate the processing of photographic film.

I have greatly inspired by the following project:

Granted it is just someone’s (unbuilt) design project but it had a few interesting component choices and was hoping if the community could tell me if they existed/where to source them.

In particular I am interested in these circular spring tip connectors and the combined heating/stirring elements that I have attached to the post.

Any clues?

Thanks as always for the help and any general guidance you may have about heating, stirring, pumping fluids please let me know.

The stirrer is likely a magnetic stirrer.

It mentions "spring pins". I would steal the connector off a cordless kettle to carry the heater power. Kettles don't really have thermometers, it is more like a steam sensor that shuts off the kettle.

Also look at battery connectors for cordless drills. They have a thermometer inside the battery: that is why there are 3 pins (or more).

I would do this myself with a cord. No worrying about connectors. Plus the magnetic stirrer. That's important.