STK500 bootloader protocol code written i C(++).


(Sorry for asking this, I simply can not find it) :

After browsing the net for almost an hour now and still not able to find what I was looking for, I decided to give up and ask a place where I know I could get the address to the right page/link.

I want the STK 500 bootloader SOURCE CODE written in plain C (++). I was directed to, to, to ARCUINO.CC, and to a lot of other (more or less) excotic links, but none af these had what I wanted:

the STK500 bootloader code written i C(++) .

So can any of the members in this group direct me to the link, where I can get the STK500 bootloader code written i C(++) ?

Thanks a lot .

KRIS aka snestrup2016

Optiboot (which implements stk500v1) is here

Stk500boot (which does stk500v2) is here

They both in plain C.