stk500 disable protocol error expect 0x14 resp 0x50 FIX

ive been uploading sketches to an atmega328p with optiboot bootloader using arduino ide to my breadboards, using an uno, and having loads of fun with it. i recently purchased a new, shiny breadboard from ebay. kept getting this message - stk500 disable protocol error expect 0x14 resp 0x50. was baffled, spent some time on it, and couldnt really find any answers/solutions to this problem, other than it was a reset issue. this worked for me im hoping it may help someone else, i changed 10k resistor on the reset pin to 1k.

uno breadboard
pin 10 >> reset pin
11 >> 11
12 >> 12
13 >> 13
just in case someone new is trying this. uno gets usb cable, breadboard gets power jumped over from uno.

just an update, i moved/added stuff to the breadboard, and with the 328 in a different spot im back to 10k ohm on reset, back in the original spot its 1k. very weird lol. but it works like this so idk.