stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0xea arbotix board

Hey I am trying to upload a basic sketch to the arbotix board through the FTDI cable. I can compile the sketch perfectly, but when trying to upload the sketch onto the arbotix board, I am getting this sync error. To me this means that the board cannot communicate to the PC, which is windows 10 OS. I have the most up to date FTDI drivers, so I think the issue is with the board or the arduino IDE itself.
I also don't know if the bootloader for the arbotix board is currently 'burned on', because this board was used previously before it came into my possession. I tried using a JTAGICE3 to try and reburn the bootloader, but my status LED just appears off, and I dont think its communicating with it properly.
Does anyone know whats going on? I appreciate any help, thanks.