STK503 STK504

Hello, where can i buy adapter STK503 or STK504? Does anyone sell such a module?

What is an STK503 ?


AFAIK, none of the stk500 “top cards” are manufactured any more.
Why do you think you want one?

I want programmer for atmega2560 100 pins, with which i can lock all fuses including to break the serial connection. Can i do with this module

The board you link says it is set up for JTAG; it doesn’t look like it would do “high voltage parallel programming” (which is the most-general, always-works, version. And probably what you need if you want to disable all “easy” access to the chip contents.) Looking at other similar boards, it doesn’t even seem to break out all the pins of the 2560 to those connectors :frowning:

Yes, an actual STK-500 (which is still sold) plus a STK-503 “top card” would probably do what you want.

You’d probably be best off re-creating the STK503 (minimized to not have the rs232 driver or external memory interface) using something like Or you probably go with about 20 jumpers…
A lot of the big chips are not really set up to programmed outside of ISP or JTAG; if you want to protect your firmware, you’re supposed to trust their memory protection bits, rather than completely disable the programming connections…

Another possibility is to have Microchip program your parts for you (costs about $0.50 each, for small quantities.) Disabling the serial connections, you’re essentially turning them into one-time-programmable parts, anyway. (I hope you have a lot more faith in the correctness of your code than I’ve ever had in any of my code!) (unless you’re going to leave the 20-odd pins otherwise unused, or carefully multi-purposed on your board.)

Thanks for the info, i have stk500 and i think to make DYI adapter, but i dont have the circuit of 503 , or i need connection between stk500 and the main board with zif socket, i can make this board on altium, it is not problem for me.