STM I2C syntax to Arduino syntax

Hi I have a function for an STM32 project, it writes some data to a display driver.

void LCD_write_1_character( uint8_t char_pos, uint8_t character ) {
   uint8_t data[4];
    if ( char_pos > 7 ) {    // make sure we don’t accidentally over-run the display page
    // uint8_t char_address = char_pos <<3;
    data[0] = 0x80;         // Command byte to be sent 
    data[1] = char_pos <<3; // Data pointer set to char_address 
    data[2] = 0x40;         // Data byte to be sent
    data[3] = character;    // write the character
    HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c1, display_Addr, data, 4, 100);

How could I send the exact same data, in the same way but using the Arduino syntax of wire.write etc.?