STM32 Digital Photo Frame

An STM32F103 Based Digital Photo Frame utilizing uCGUI Graphics Framework with source code. This is a good tutorial if you want to learn using Graphics Framework uCGUI from Micrum, FAT FS Embedded File System by Chan, Native SD Card Data input output etc. Here's the link:


There are two other current threads about STM32, and one specifically about STM32 using the Arduino 1.5.x IDE,

Unfortunately I couldn't download the code for that blog because it required me to register and login, if you have downloaded the code, can you post it as a zip to this forum

I didn't get past the download site either, it did make me wonder if the OP is just spamming for them.

The other problem is that the graphics library requires licensing from Micrium, and also the project uses the Keil IDE (free for the first 32KB I think).

So altogether not really very useful. I have one of those STM32 boards with LCD though, it would be nice to get some Open Source projects running on it.

Hi Bob,

I agree, it looks a bit like they are just harvesting addresses, as I've noticed that virtually the same bog posting is on more than one site. Which seems suspicious.

I found this link on an AliExpress listing an I'm currently downloading it.


But I've no idea what it is at the moment, as its 643Mb and is still downloading !!! at about 1Mbytes per second.

Perhaps its the whole of Keil.. Who knows

I have Keil installed but have not got around to using it, but as you say, its limited to 32Kb

From what I've read its possible to use the Keil frontend with GCC, but I've not investigated how to do that either :wink:

Re: Display driver license
Sounds a bit of a pain.

Surely these things mostly use fairly off the shelf controller chips.. But I guess finding how its wired etc and then porting, is not going to be a 5 minute job.

And, as I've just bought an STM32F4 discovery board, I think i've exhausted my hobby budget for November !


Looking at the blog name, ( I'm now convinced this is spam.

i.e the maker in china are just creating blogs to market this product and are harvesting email addresses when you try to get info.

Edit 2.

Download of all 650Mb has finished

Its full of standard STM32 libs they've taken from STM's site. Technically they can't re-distribute these libs, according to STM's license, but as I guess they are a Chinese company, the rules don't seem to apply (even / or especially, when the other company involved is also Chinese)

Plus, as expected a full copy of Keil MDK414 and something called MDK414 CRACK

(I wonder what that could be)

So save you're bandwidth, don't bother downloading it.